HP22A Reassembly

Here is a step by step description of how to reassemble a Phoenix Arms HP22A. This method is very easy with just a little practice and requires no tools.

1 – Start with your disassembled HP22A and an empty magazine.  
  2 – Insert magazine, leave it hanging out about 1/2″.Slide the magazine safety down.Make sure the hammer is cocked.The partially inserted magazine helps with step 6.
3 – Looking down from the top we will start reassembly.  
  4 – Insert take down lever.
5 – Insert the spring.  
  6 – Lay the slide on top of the frame. Make sure the spring is inside the slide.It helps if you approach the frame withe slide from the front to catch the spring. The slide should be about 1/4″ forward from the “normal” position. If the slide is being pushed up by the magazine, then you didn’t leave the magazine hanging out in step 1.
7 – Place the barrel backwards into the slide. Slide it back until it stops.This only works with the 3″ barrel, if you don’t have a 3″ barrel you can use the back of an extra magazine. If you don’t have an extra magazine, you can use your finger, or preferabbly some hard flat object that fits over the spring, in the slide.  
  8 – Hold the barrel down with your left hand while pulling the slide back with your right index finger and using your right thumb to hold everthing steady. When the slide is all the way back, engage the safety with your left thumb.This is the magic move that makes this easy for me. YMMV.(Note: image has been edited, as I didn’t have enough hands to take the picture)
9 – Seat the magazine and remove the barrel.Looking down, identify the barrel retaining pin thingy.If your spring doesn’t look like this or has shot across the room , please practice steps 1-8 some more.  
  10 – Slide the barrel lug into the top of the slide at about a 20 degree (?) angle and aim the slot in the barrel lug at the pin.The corner of the barrel should stop at the slide.I neglected to show the barrel lug, so look at step 7.
11 – The lug should be directly adjacent to the magazine.  
  12 – Press down on the front of the barrel until it locks into the take down lever. (click!)
13 – Press the magazine safety down to release the slide.Optionally drop the hammer, and magazine and you are done!
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