Monthly Archives: August 2014

HeaterMeter Info


The HeaterMeter is a Wifi enabled, temperature controller, food temperature monitor for a smoker, that provides remote monitoring, remote configuration, temperapture alerts (email, SMS), historical graphs, and current status.  This is an open source / open hardware project based upon Arduino environment, Arduino compatible hardware, and a Raspberry Pi for Wifi and web interface.

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My company requires us to lock our computers anytime we step away.  This is easy enough to do in Windows by pressing Win+L, but that isn’t the slack way.  In addition sometimes you have already stood up, taken your hands away from the keyboard when you remember you need to lock the computer.  So I decided to implement the BRB BRB (Be Right Back Big Red Button).  This gives me a nice large button to push that locks my computer.  It has the side benefit of just being fun to mash on.

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I’m the Moon

Moon in My Room

For Christmas 2012 I received a Moon in my Room. This is effectively a moon shaped night light for kids that includes an IR remote you can use to cycle through 12 unique phases of the moon. It a cool 3D, dome shaped, textured surface representation of the moon. I decided it needed to be a little more aware of the real phase of the moon.

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