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USBasp + NES = Hackaday mashup



I have been playing around with Betemcu, a version of the USBasp AVR programmer, for a while.  I originally read about Project Ouroboros from the following Hackaday post:

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SARduino from Dangerous Prototypes Free PCB Drawer

SARduino 1284P PCB from DP-Header


I just completed my build of the SARduino 644/1284 board from the Dangerous Prototypes Free PCB drawer.  The board was created by Andrew Schamp of Space Age Robotics and made available as a Guest PCB on Dangerous Protoypes.   The picture above shows the completed SARduino running a modified Blink example compiled and loaded via the Arduino IDE.

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Lux Spectralis Build

Lux Spectralis

Here is an electronic kit I received from Sparkfun earlier in the year and just got around to assembling.  It is the Lux Spectralis from Dale Wheat.  It is a nice little RGB LED blinky toy that uses an ATTINY13A. Read more »