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Arcade Control Panel


The primary goal was to do a test cut on the CNC for joysticks and buttons for an arcade cabinet project. As it was initially just a test, I was disappointed in the fact that my end results would be a piece of wood with holes that would be of no use. So I decided to double up the cuts on an inexpensive piece of MDF and end up with the control panel top for a standalone arcade controller (like the X-Arcade). Then I decided it needed a base also, and should be easy to assemble, and easily reproducible. This is the results.

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Sparkfun Bus Pirate Case

Design 4 - Assembled

Having recently purchased a Bus Pirate from Sparkfun I decided I needed a case for this useful tool. In addition, quick research shows that the number one Bus Pirate project involves making a case. Does anyone actually use these things? There are plenty of case designs out there for the original Bus Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes, but since the Sparkfun version has a unique PCB design there are only a few examples of cases out in the wild. So I set out to make my own.

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