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Dale Wheat Special Order

Just a quick thanks to Dale Wheat at  I made a special request, and it came to me quick with an extra dose of special.  If you like things that Blink, then check out his kits on his website and also available at (and others).



SARduino from Dangerous Prototypes Free PCB Drawer

SARduino 1284P PCB from DP-Header


I just completed my build of the SARduino 644/1284 board from the Dangerous Prototypes Free PCB drawer.  The board was created by Andrew Schamp of Space Age Robotics and made available as a Guest PCB on Dangerous Protoypes.   The picture above shows the completed SARduino running a modified Blink example compiled and loaded via the Arduino IDE.

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Arcade Control Panel


The primary goal was to do a test cut on the CNC for joysticks and buttons for an arcade cabinet project. As it was initially just a test, I was disappointed in the fact that my end results would be a piece of wood with holes that would be of no use. So I decided to double up the cuts on an inexpensive piece of MDF and end up with the control panel top for a standalone arcade controller (like the X-Arcade). Then I decided it needed a base also, and should be easy to assemble, and easily reproducible. This is the results.

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Lux Spectralis Build

Lux Spectralis

Here is an electronic kit I received from Sparkfun earlier in the year and just got around to assembling.  It is the Lux Spectralis from Dale Wheat.  It is a nice little RGB LED blinky toy that uses an ATTINY13A. Read more »

New domain, new host, new CMS, welcome.

If some of this material looks familiar it may be because I am moving the content from my previous non-descript domain,, to an equally non-descript domain,

This is giving me the opportunity to house clean my (lack of) content and to try out a new hosting service and WordPress.  As my relationship with my other hosting service has been touch and go.

This year I am planning on making an effort to document more of my projects that I think will be of use to others.  This is the only useful way to payback other that post the important details of their projects that help me so much.

Thanks for stopping by.