Lux Spectralis Build

Here is an electronic kit I received from Sparkfun earlier in the year and just got around to assembling.  It is the Lux Spectralis from Dale Wheat.  It is a nice little RGB LED blinky toy that uses an ATTINY13A.

Lux Spectralis

The kit would make an excellent beginner electronics project, especially for kids.  There are a total of 24 so joints to solder and 9 components.

The Lux Spectralis has the following modes 30 modes that are selectable using the button to cycle through the modes. To control power, the 3xAAA battery pack has a power switch built in. This would make a nice night light project for a kid, especially since the first two modes are a 5 minute and 30 minute night light that powers down after it times out.

Astute observers will note that, 1) I didn’t install the battery wires through the holes meant for stress relief and 2) I added an 8 pin DIP socket.  The DIP socket was not included, but I added it in case I want to modify the existing  modes or possibly re-purpose the entire device.  So now I can remove the ATTINY13A to reprogram it.

Since I purchased my Lux Spectralis, Sparkfun has stopped carrying it, but it is also available from the Make Magazine: Maker Shed for $10 + S/H.  They may also be available from directly.  I emailed Dale and he was quick to get back to me and very helpful.


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