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This is a remix my BRB BRB project using cheaper components, namely a Digispark knockoff instead of a Teensy

My company requires us to lock our computers anytime we step away.  This is easy enough to do in Windows by pressing Win+L, but that isn’t the slack way.  In addition sometimes you have already stood up, taken your hands away from the keyboard when you remember you need to lock the computer.  So I decided to implement the BRB BRB (Be Right Back Big Red Button).  This gives me a nice large button to push that locks my computer.  It has the side benefit of just being fun to mash on.

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USBasp/Arduino stepper controller

10P Stepper 1

This is a 10Pin project, using USBasp hardware connected it to a inexpensive 28BYJ-48 Stepper and ULN2003 driver from eBay, and an Arduino sketch to control the stepper.

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