Project Ten Pin

The Purpose

Project Ten Pin (10Pin) is intended to provide documentation for use of USBasp clone hardware as a inexpensive (<$10), easy to use USB programmable AVR/Arduino development platform.

Project Ten Pin is…

  • A way to leverage inexpensive hardware and open source tools to create a cheap environment for Arduino /AVR development and education.
  • Documentation on how to use cheap import USBASP AVR programmers as AVR/Arduino development boards.
  • A collection of software to run on USBASP AVR programmer hardware.
  • A personal project to slowly learn about Arduino/AVR development using cheap import USBASP AVR programmers as stepping stones. The journey is the destination.
  • A reference to the ten pin ISP (ICSP) programming header.

Project Ten Pin is not…

  • A Dummies guide to Arduino/AVR programming.
  • A place for general Arduino/AVR programming questions.
  • A comprehensive reference to Arduino, AVR, USBASP, V-USB, etc.

10P – Inspiration

10P – Hardware

10P – Projects

10P – Resources

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  2. USBasp/Arduino stepper controller | Slack World - pingback on March 13, 2013 at 12:28 am

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