HeaterMeter Info

The HeaterMeter is a Wifi enabled, temperature controller, food temperature monitor for a smoker, that provides remote monitoring, remote configuration, temperapture alerts (email, SMS), historical graphs, and current status.  This is an open source / open hardware project based upon Arduino environment, Arduino compatible hardware, and a Raspberry Pi for Wifi and web interface.


Even though it is designed for controlling a charcoal smoker, I use mine with an electric smoker.  Even though it is intended to use with a smoker, I have personally used it to (remotely) cook beans in my crockpot, and soon plan to try it for Sous Vide cooking.

The project requires sourcing your own parts, and some soldering skills, it is will worth the effort even if you haven’t soldered before.  There is nothing like lounging around inside, or sleeping while you BBQ cooks completely without your intervention.

Sometime in the future I will add specific details about my HeaterMeter but for know here are links to learn more:

HeaterMeter 4.0 Announcement

HeaterMeter forum

HeaterMeter Github repository

All pics stolen from first link above!

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