10Pin – Inspiration


I am an amateur electronic hobbyist that has taken sides by choosing AVR over PIC. The primary reasons for this is the open source development tools of the Atmel AVR microcontrollers and the novice friendly nature of Arduino. This is the path that has chosen me.

I had been using the Arduino hardware and software to get my feet wet, but hadn’t really delved into “real” AVR C development.

I came across Project Ouroborus , that involved a cheap (< $10 USD) device that could easily be re-purposed for AVR and Arduino development. This is the inspiration for Project Ten Pin (10Pin).

This seemed like a perfect avenue for me to start to jump off into the actual AVR hardware instead of hiding behind the skirt of the Arduino environment. As I have played around it seemed like it would be good to document my journey for others to learn from or laugh at.

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