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Here are some of the 10Pin projects that have been done to date:

Building a 10Pin – Until this gets documented I recommend you check out Project Ouroboros.

USBasp via USBaspLoader – since the 10Pin hardware is based upon the USBasp hardware, that means that the once the USBaspLoader is installed, you can then load the stock USBasp software from the USBasp website and turn your 10Pin back into a USBasp.

Blink(1) clone – the open source Blink(1) code has been ported to the 10Pin hardware and been modified to allow connecting the RGB LED to the ISP connector. Since the ISP connector does not have any PWM supported pins, the PWM was done in software. This is sort of awkward, but it is a quick easy Blink(1) clone for less than $10.

NES USB Adapter – This was an easy port of a V-USB based NES to USB game controller software. Additional (undocumented) modifications were done to support 2 NES controllers.

Haunted Cable – One of the first 10Pin projects was a Haunted Cable as this was actually one of the included projects from Project Ouroborus that provided 10Pin inspiration.

USB Business Card – One of the first 10Pin projects was an implementation of the USB Business Card as this was actually one of the included projects from Project Ouroborus that provided 10Pin inspiration.

Arduino Blinky – A demonstration of using the Arduino environment to program the 10Pin hardware. The classic “Hello World” of hardware.

Arduino Stepper – A simple Arduino and stepper demo using the 10Pin.

Arduino Beep – A Piezo speaker can easily be attached to the 10Pin to use the Arduino sound demo.

Following are some future project ideas:

Simple USB keyboard – Using V-USB, we will create an easy to implement keyboard with only a few. Useful to add USB support to that Staples “Easy” button or when your project only needs a few keys.

USB Analog Meter – have your computer control a USB connected analog meter. This could show network bandwith, CPU cycles, etc.

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