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V-USB – A software implementation of a low speed USB device for Atmel AVR microcontroller
that don’t have native USB support. Only a few additional components are required. This is the
software that is behind the USB functionality of USBasp, USBaspLoader, and some of the planned
TenPin projects.

USBasp – A open source hardware/software project for an AVR in-system programmer (ISP aka
ICSP). This is used to program AVR microcontrollers. The programmer itself is based upon an AVR
microcontroller and can be reprogrammed via another ISP programmer. This device controlled
using AVRDUDE. The 10Pin hardware is based upon cheap clones of the USBasp design made in
China and available on eBay.

USBaspLoader – a boot loader that uses the USPasp protocol to self program the microcontroller
it is installed on. To AVRDUDE it looks just like an USBasp device. This is the software used by the
10Pin hardware to easily load new programs via USB.

AVRDUDE – is a command line utility to download/upload/manipulate the ROM and EEPROM
contents of AVR microcontrollers using the in-system programming technique (ISP aka ICSP). Used
with USBasp, USBaspLoader, and internally by the Arduino environment.

Win-AVR – This is the package of Windows AVR development tools used for 10Pin projects on
this site and is also used behind the scenes for the Arduino Windows environment. There are
comparable tools available for other operating systems and should be compatible as long as they
are based upon avr-libc.

Arduino – This is a hobbyist/novice friendly open source hardware/software microcontroller
development environment. If you don’t already know what this is, then this probably isn’t
the best place to start. Please note that often “Arduino” is often used interchangeably for the
hardware, development environment, and program code (sketches). This can be confusing and
we probably won’t do much to help that.

China – This is the country that brings us toxic dog food and children’s toys. I am grateful for the
inexpensive gadgets that this country produces that help make this project plausible.

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