Lux Spectralis Build

Lux Spectralis

Here is an electronic kit I received from Sparkfun earlier in the year and just got around to assembling.  It is the Lux Spectralis from Dale Wheat.  It is a nice little RGB LED blinky toy that uses an ATTINY13A. Read more »

New domain, new host, new CMS, welcome.

If some of this material looks familiar it may be because I am moving the content from my previous non-descript domain,, to an equally non-descript domain,

This is giving me the opportunity to house clean my (lack of) content and to try out a new hosting service and WordPress.  As my relationship with my other hosting service has been touch and go.

This year I am planning on making an effort to document more of my projects that I think will be of use to others.  This is the only useful way to payback other that post the important details of their projects that help me so much.

Thanks for stopping by.

Sparkfun Bus Pirate Case

Design 4 - Assembled

Having recently purchased a Bus Pirate from Sparkfun I decided I needed a case for this useful tool. In addition, quick research shows that the number one Bus Pirate project involves making a case. Does anyone actually use these things? There are plenty of case designs out there for the original Bus Pirate from Dangerous Prototypes, but since the Sparkfun version has a unique PCB design there are only a few examples of cases out in the wild. So I set out to make my own.

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HP22A Magazine Safety Modification



This modification does two things:

  1. Disables the magazine interlock safety, so that a magazine is not require to change between SAFE and FIRE.
  2. Disables magazine retainer thingy that drags against the magazine when inserting and removing the magazine.

This modification if done carefully is easily reversible. When the safety is on SAFE, the trigger block and hammer safety functionality will still work as before. The magazine retainer thingy is actually the Safety Block that serves both of the above functions and will not be altered.

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HP22A Reassembly


Here is a step by step description of how to reassemble a Phoenix Arms HP22A. This method is very easy with just a little practice and requires no tools.
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HP22A Disassembly


Here is a step by step description of how to disassemble a Phoenix Arms HP22A. This method is very easy with just a little practice and requires no tools.

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Robert S. Hoover


Several people have forwarded the following information from Bob Hoover’s blog

It is my sad duty to tell all of you who read Bob’s blog that Bob passed away this past Friday, August 13. How much he will be missed is incalcuable. Thank you all for all the support you have given him. I’m his wife. He was a great man.

Robert S. Hoover passed on August 13, 2010.  Thank you very much for the information and entertainment you provided for me for over 15 years. – Slack

If you are into home built aircraft or into classic Volkswagens then you may have heard of Robert S. Hoover. For everyone who hasn’t heard of him you have been missing many words of entertainment and wisdom.

Following are links to some interesting reading from Mr. Hoover:

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Impressioning Manual

Following is the IMPRESSIONING MANUAL FOR AMATEUR LOCKSMITHS by Mark Wanlass that I have been hosting for more than 15 years.  Enjoy.

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Locksport vs the Locksmith

I came across the following article on Slate:

…Locksmiths and lock manufactures have found themselves in a jam. The skills of their trade, passed down through generations under conditions of occult secrecy, have been jimmied open online…

Read the article:

Bicycle Bus

I was doing some research on bus conversions and came across the following site:

This is the history of the Bicycle Bus or more specifically the recent history of Toma and Ellie Holme. Interesting in a number of ways, but definitely insight into a unique couple who have spent the better part of their lives on the road on the west coast.